Zoo - topia

Our family and auntie Fufi visited the Toronto Zoo on the last Sunday of April. The weather was pretty good, 12 degrees with overcast, a bit chilly but not bad at all.

We started our day going to auntie's house and we took one car to the zoo. We got to the zoo about 45 min after opening, and to my surprise, there was a lot of people. We went straight to the panda cubs and there was an hour line up. Wow, what celebrities these cubs are. Of course we had to see the panda cubs, so we waited in line (luckily both boys were in a good mood). We did get to see a bit of panda action, but the pandas were sleeping most of the time. We then saw the polar bear cub and penguins, and went to lunch.

After lunch, Danny fell asleep and ended up sleeping through the rest of the zoo visit. Josh really enjoyed seeing the different animals, and he didn't mind the long walks either. He saw a Canadian goose and said "Look, mommy! So cute, ya?", while pointing at the goose. There was actually a moose behind the goose, but I guess he likes the goose better. He also like the seagull better than the gnu. We also saw lion cubs and baby rhino, monkeys and giraffes, hippo and a peacock who was showing off its tail.

Josh really enjoyed his visit to the zoo. He was so tired at the end that he fell asleep right away in the car. Overall, it was great trip, we shall see you again, pandas!


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