Niagara Trip

A vacation is much needed and long overdue, and since Rudy can't take days off yet (due to the new job), we decided to go on a mini weekend trip to Niagara Falls. We began our journey by going to an indoor water park. It was a big water park, nice and warm, and full of people. Because Josh and Danny are still little, they can only enjoy a little Splash pad and the wave pool. But this was just enough for Josh who was having such a blast. After the playing with water for a few hours, we ate dinner at Hardrock cafe. We then walk to an arcade at Clifton Hill where we played a bit, then walked quickly to see the Falls.

The next day, we walked to the Bird Kingdom where we saw many kinds of birds and some reptiles. There were smart, talking parrots, and many beautiful tropical birds. Rudy and Josh got to feed the birds, and one of the birds bit Rudy's ear. It was a fun experience and a wonderful weekend, and before going home we had to eat at Falls Manor restaurant for some awesome broasted chicken goodness. :)

We had a nice short weekend trip, but definitely looking forward to a beach trip next time.


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