Half-year old Danny!

I cannot believe that our little boy is half a year old. He is growing up too fast. Daniel is 7 kg heavy and 64 cm long (he is considered tiny for a 6 month old), but he is still smiling lots and screeches excitedly when we play with him. He lost his fohawk at around 5 mo old, but he found his tiny toes! He rolls back to front and front to back like a pro. He is very agile that he can somehow get himself to explore different places (and sometimes gets hurt). Since he is more mobile, we need to start watching him at all times these days. Also, this dude recently sits by himself, YAY Danny!  He likes to grab and swipe at reachable things, and dives for unreachable things. He loves watching his big bro learn and play, and his bro loves to make Danny smile and laugh. Daniel sleeps through the night ever since he was 4 months old. He is such a good sleeper that he prefers sleeping than eating (maybe this is why he's a small baby). We have also tried solid food these days with no luck. I've tried so many different types of baby food, but he always gags and spits it out. Maybe he's just not ready for solids yet, but I hope he likes it soon!

Everyday I thank God for my boys:
Rudy, my partner in crime; Osh-Josh who overflows with energy; and the adorable, little Danny-saur.

Love them oh so much.


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