Daniel is 8 months old

Daniel is 8 months old, with lots of smiles and no teeth. Despite his lack of teeth, he seems to only like "big people food". He never liked rice cereal, but will eat rice, egg yolks, chicken and peas. He loves the fruits and vegetables pureed food pouches, which is his main solid food for the past two months. But do not worry, new adventures in food is coming your way, Danny!

On another note, Daniel is super active kid. He started army crawling just before 8 months, and now he's pro at crawling, climbing, getting himself to stand and sit. He is also walking with our support. Danny is also not scared of other people. He likes being held by others, but everyone who held Danny usually gets out of breath quite quickly from him being too fidgety.

Lastly, we notice that Daniel looks up to ko Osh so much. He wants to do what Josh is doing, he wants to touch anything Josh is playing with, and only Josh can get him to laugh so hard (and Josh wasn't even trying). Josh loves Danny - he always makes him laugh, he cheers when Danny crawls or stands, and he sometimes shares his toys and food with his brother. It's so lovely to watch these two boys grow up together.  I have to enjoy this while it last. =)


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