Stick FamilyOur life story began in the summer of 2012 when Elen and I became newly weds.  Unfortunately, immediately after our wedding we began a long distance relationship.  Her workplace caused her to move to Windsor.  We were 3 hrs apart and were only able to see each other on weekends.

A few months after our marriage, we were blessed with the news that Elen is pregnant.  It was a surreal moment in realizing that she was going to be a mother, and I a father.

Elen continued to live and work in Windsor throughout most of her pregnancy.  It wasn't until a week before she was due that she finally moved in home with me.

Since then, our little family have recently grown with the addition of a new baby boy named Joshua.  His arrival has brought nothing but joy into our lives...and perhaps a few sleepless nights. But we feel priveleged and honoured to have God entrusted us with this little bundle of joy.  As such, we have felt compelled to share our life story with the world through this blog.

When we're not feeding or changing Josh's diapers, we enjoy spending time with our friends and families playing board games and/or sports.  In particular badminton, volleyball and baseball.  But we'll play just about anything given the weather outside is nice.

We hope you will enjoy the stories shared in this blog and visit often, cause we certainly enjoy sharing them.

Rudy, Elen & Josh